DARKBRIGHT – The André Roy Trio

André’s latest CD features his remarkable original compositions performed by The André Roy Trio with Canadian icons George Koller on bass and drummer Vito Rezza

His sound is unique. Take a listen to an amazing synergy of traditional jazz chops mixed together with electric rock like a marriage of Wes Montgomery and Frank Zappa

With assistance from the Ontario Arts Council André’s one of a kind compositions have come to life on this groundbreaking CD

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World Jazz For Haiti

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André was honoured to be asked to be a part of  The World Jazz For Haiti album. His track on this album entitled Mystical Northern Desolation/A La Claire Fontaine features the André Roy Trio, with vocals in French.

This album brought together an eclectic group of jazz musicians from across Canada and the world.  Jam packed with amazing performers such as Holly Cole, John McDermott, Jane Bunett, Jackie Richardson, The Shuffle Demons, Guido Basso, David Clayton Thomas and many more. All proceeds from this CD go to help rebuild Haiti from the devastation caused by the earthquake on January 12, 2010.

Purchase World Jazz for Haiti on iTunes and make a difference. All monies go towards the ongoing task to rebuild Haiti